The Kenai Peninsula supports about 40 percent of the recreational fishing in Alaska, much of which is centered in the Ninilchik area.  The lower Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay are world famous for their halibut, which occasionally exceed 300 pounds.  Rod-bending king salmon - the thrill of a lifetime for many anglers are caught every summer in streams and saltwater.

The season starts in May, when halibut move into the bay and the Kenai River kings start biting trollers hooks off Deep Creek and Ninilchik. A sport record of 97 pounds, 4 ounces was taken on the famous Kenai River.  King Salmon on other Alaska Kenai Peninsula streams are smaller, typically in the 25 to 50 pound range. Most kings return to spawn in their fourth or fifth year, though the range is from the second to eighth year.  They enter lower Peninsula streams around May 15 and spawn in July.  King salmon mostly eat herring and sand lice, with a few rockfish contributing to their diet.

King salmon travel through Alaskan Fishing Fever Charter's main fishing area of Ninilchik and Deep Creek, on their way to the Kenai River and other streams.  Saltwater fishing is done by trolling with a conventional trolling rod and a star drag reel, using 20 to 40 pound test line with herring for bait or large spoons or spinners.  Flashers can also be employed behind the planer or trolling weight.  Kings are found from the surface to depths of 100 feet.

In rivers, most kings are taken by drifting salmon eggs or drift lures such as the Okie Drifter or Spin-N-Glo.  Large streamer flies pompano beach fishing charter find out on FishTravel, spoons and spinners are also used.  The Ninilchik River and Deep Creek River are very popular rivers for king salmon fishing.  Another place for Alaska fishing for king salmon is a short drive from Ninilchik to "The Alaska Fishing Hole" on the Homer Spit.  The "fishing hole" has been stocked with king and silver salmon, providing easy access angling from mid-May to mid-September.  This is a fun and easy place to fish, especially for the kids! Make reservations with Alaskan Fishing Fever Charters today for a fun day of Alaska Fishing or contact us at 1-866-262-0708 with any questions you may have.