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Alaska fishing at its best!  Joe with his 75 lb. Alaska king salmon fish caught on the famous Kenai River.  Way to go Joe!We are full time Alaskans who love to fish. We live and operate our business from our home in Ninilchik.  We started our business because of our love for Alaska fishing and for us to share some of the true Alaska hospitality and spirit with our anglers. We are proud to offer you what we hope will be a life time memory of some great Alaska fishing stories.

OUR BOATS & CAPTAINS - We operate one seaworthy 28' alumiweld boat with twin engines, enclosed cabin and state of art electronics for a safe navigation.  A maximum of 6 anglers allows ample room for everyone aboard Fish.Travel - fort walton fishing charters. Your captain is US Coast Guard Licensed with over 20 years of Alaska fishing experience for halibut and Alaska salmon fishing.

SAFETY - We operate only when we feel it will be a safe, fun and adventurous trip for our anglers. We use practices in the boat to provide a safe environment for all anglers.

SALMON FISHING - The Alaska saltwater king salmon fishing is during the month of May.  Depending on the tides and type of Alaska fishing package that is purchased, we will normally fish for salmon prior to running out for halibut. If time allows we may come back in for more king salmon fishing.

HALIBUT FISHING - We fish for halibut beginning May 1st and operate thru Labor Day Weekend. Halibut in the 25-50 pound range are the fish most commonly sought and retained because they are by far the best eating. Halibut do grow to weigh over 400 pounds and many over 100 pounds are caught each summer in the Ninilchik/Deep Creek area.   You never know, you may be the next one to catch that "Barn Door" halibut.

DEPARTURE - We depart out of Deep Creek or Anchor Point utilizing the very unique launching of tractors.   Departure times all depend on the tides for the best fishing. We provide transportation from our place of business to the departing location.

Alaska Fishing for halibut and saltwater salmon fishing out of Deep Creek HOURS OF BOAT RUN and TRIP HOURS - Saltwater king salmon fishing is done close to the point of departure and the halibut grounds are usually no more than a hour boat ride. The normal trip is anywhere between 6 to 10 hours. It all depends on the type of fishing, fishing tides and how we're doing getting our catch.


CATCH LIMIT & PROCESSING - The Alaska Fishing Regulations allow each angler to catch one saltwater king salmon daily and two halibut daily. The regulations allow you to catch five (5) Alaska king salmon a year out of Cook Inlet with only two (2) of the five coming from the Kenai River. Refer to Alaska Fishing Regulations for additional information.  In these regulations you can also find the salmon regulations for all local rivers that you may want to fish on your own from the rivers bank.

After returning to shore the captain and deck hand will fillet your catch. You can either bring your own cooler or bags to carry your fish in or if you don’t want the hassle of taking care of your fish later, vacuum packing is available. If you plan to stay in the area for some time, freezing of your fish is available locally and there is also local service for shipping.

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